F.A.Q (Frequently Asked Questions)
Are you a legit business and will my credit card info be safe?
-I use ONLY paypal so your credit card info is not even given to me.
Yes I am a legit business and your money is safe with me I am not trying to rip you off.
Where is your business located?
-I am running my business out of a small town in Georiga. Like petty coat junction around here lol
How many people do you work with?
-I work by myself. Sometimes when the work overload is toooo much I will employ a family member but usually its just me. No team no company....just me.
How long does the custom jewelry take to recieve?
-Anything you order from me is basically custom so its going to take 7 BUSINESS days up to 10 BEFORE it ships. Unless stated otherwise. When you order something custom is only fair to assume that its going to take time to customize it with your name. Fair? All nameplate jewelry is going to take 7 to 12 BUSINESS days BEFORE I ship it out to you. Please be aware of that BEFORE you order.
What is the custom jewelry made of? Is it laser cut? Acrylic?
-No. I don't offer laser cut jewelry at this time, because I keep my prices low and also to keep the weight of the earrings on the earlobe down. So please not that before you order, it is NOT laser cut. everything is done by my own hand. Most is made from Wood and hardened foam board.
What are shipping times like?
-My shipping is FIRST CLASS with USPS service. It takes 2-5 days but Ive found that lately it can take 2-7 BUSINESS days (im not sure why but it has been taking a little longer.)
What are your business hours?
-My BUSINESS hrs are considered Mon-Fri. 9am to 6pm. I take Sat and Sundays off to spend with my family.
How long have you been in business?
- I started out with the business name Pink Beauty Accessories but last year I changed it Prettie-Gaudie and Ive been in business going on 2 years. And its been a great ride!
Do your offer expedited shipping?
OVERNIGHT - $40.00
EXPRESS - $27.00
PRIORITY - $18.00
These are my fees. I charge a fee MYSELF to make your items fast and also USPS will charge a fee of course to ship so fast. If you want just regular shipping know that is USPS First Class.
Do you have any social media sites?
-Yes I have a Facebook Page (link is on the left side) I also have Instagram @soamayin908 and I have a YouTube channel.
I checked the tracking on my package why is it FLORIDA?
-Because I live in a smaller town all our packages are rerouted through the nearest BIG city which happens to be Jacksonville FL. Dont worry your packages will be sorted from there to the correct destination.
My tracking info is not updating can you tell me anything?
-I wish that I could ladies. However once it leaves my hands (i.e i drop it off with USPS) then I cannot tell you anymore than you can find out yourself by contacting USPS. But if it has been MORE than 2 weeks since I mailed it and you still havent seen your package then please by all means get in touch with me and I will open a case with USPS to get your money back and resend your merchandise.
Do you do wholesale?
-It depends on the order amount. email me and we'll talk.
Do you do refunds? If so, how does that work?
-Yes I do SOME refunds BUT you have 24 hrs from the date/time you ordered to request a refund. Any time after that I will have already started processing your order so I will have to charge you a penalty fee/restocking fee. If you receive your order and it is the wrong item from what your ordered then I will do a refund at no charge to you.
What if I receive my order and don't like the product can I receive a refund?
-As much as it pains me to say no...I'm going to have to say no. Especially on custom itemsy. I do everything BY HAND no machines to make custom jewelry and it takes me time to process your order and I've used my materials. So for you to order and just want a FULL refund is detrimental to me and not fair because you've taken my time and resources. I'm sorry you may not like your product but I've never had a customer just NOT like anything. From a business perspective giving you a refund wouldn't be beneficial.
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